student presenters (May 9, 2022) The freshman project based learning cohort recently wrapped its “Foodology” project with an exhibition examining the essential question: “What do you bring to the table?” 

For the final exhibition, student groups researched a genetic disease or disorder (such as maple syrup urine disease or cystic fibrosis) or healthy lifestyle (such as improving gut health). Each member of the cohorts had a role to fulfill. Together, each group created a four-page magazine spread coalescing their research, which included identifying recipes suitable to the dietary needs for someone with their research topic. Additionally, they documented the project journey and interviewed a health professional to gain further insight into their topic. To extend their learning and explore the extensive effect food has on life, students read memoirs focusing on food and culture. Students enrolled in Biology and/or English honors had to write an additional research article on a topic of their choice relating to the essential question.

The project launched in early March with owner and chef of Mobile Cooking Teacher Keisha Prosser guiding students through a class where they cooked lo mein, chicken and cheese quesadillas and cookies. 

The PBL9 “Foodology” project began five years ago with students creating a cookbook with modified recipes meant to cater to people with genetic diseases and disorders, as well as other health needs. This project has undergone several iterations, from serving tray deliverables to cooking instructional videos. However, the message has remained the same throughout the years: cooking to serve the needs of others.