Communications Committee Presentation January 2021

With co-chair Jennifer Lowman presiding, the Communications Committee convened over Zoom on Thursday, Jan. 28. The agenda included a review of COVID-19/reopening communications and a presentation offering different options for how to host future board meetings. Since the most recent committee meeting, Communications had sent more than 20 emails covering topics from the weekly news share to suspected COVID-19 cases, and transportation to meal distribution, in addition to starting daily email and text reminders to complete the COVID-19 screeners. The presentation also included an overview of how Communications promoted and reported on school reopening town halls. Finally, the board was presented four options for future legislative board meetings: Stream from the administration building auditorium; Zoom and stream from the administration building auditorium; Zoom and stream from alternate location, such as the CBK Learning Commons or Rodgers Culture & Resource Center; and continue with the current model of Zoom. Board members arrived at the remote location and current model being the two most viable options, and will vote on which way to proceed at the Tuesday, Feb. 9 legislative board meeting.  

Communications comm 1-28-2021.pdf, 6.46 MB; (Last Modified on February 8, 2021)