Communications Committee Presentation September 2020

With co-chair Joel Fishbein presiding, the Communications Committee convened on Zoom for this month’s meeting on Thursday, Sept. 24. Agenda included  communications analytics, social media during virtual school, COVID-19 and school reopening communications and a discussion about the board and administration’s responses to current issues. 


  • As the district pushes a mix of information updates and feature content, the majority of its social media analytics continue to trend upward in month over month comparisons. 


  • With buildings being closed, typical content isn’t as readily available as it has been. As such, Digital Content Specialist Dana Walker has created two new campaigns (#OnThisDay throwback posts and snapshot challenge) to drive engagement. Ms. Walker is also working to add coordinated “highlights” to the district’s Instagram page for a more seamless user experience.


  • Director of Communications Kevin Kaufman shared about the continuing communications efforts surrounding COVID-19 and school reopening, including website development, FAQs and social media informational updates.


  • The meeting wrapped up with a discussion of how the board and administration have been responding to feedback from the community about a number of issues, including athletics, non-public school transportation, special education, and finances.
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