Policy Committee Presentation February 2023

With co-chair Julie Haywood presiding, the policy committee convened in-person and via teleconferencing for its monthly meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 28. The agenda included four policies that will move forward for adoption at the March 14 legislative board meeting and seven items for discussion. Policies put forth for adoption include Policy 113 Special Education (2009); Policy 113.1 Screening and Evaluations for Students with Disabilities (New); and Policy 113.3 Discipline of Students with Disabilities (New). Policy 113.2 Behavior Support (2011) will return as a second first read policy. The following items will be put forth as first read policies at the next legislative board meeting: Policy 011 Principles for Governance and Leadership (2022); Policy and Administrative Regulation (AR) 828 District-Wide Safety (2022); Policy and AR 709 Building Security (2013) for Repeal; Policy and AR 236 Threat Assessment (2021); Policy 827 Conflict of Interest (2016); Policy and AR 825 Reporting Waste and Wrongdoing in District Operations - Whistleblower (2015); and Policy 920 – Non-school Organizations/Groups/Individuals (2020). The next policy committee meeting is Tuesday, March 28 at 7 p.m. Video >>>

Policy Committee Meeting 2.28.2023.pdf, 647.35 KB; (Last Modified on March 3, 2023)