Policy Committee Presentation May 2021

With committee co-chair Dan Schultz presiding, the Policy Committee convened via video conferencing on Wednesday, May 26. Committee co-chair Julie Haywood and board members Pamela Henry, Jennifer Lowman, Joel Fishbein, Charles Burdell-Williams and Bill England were in attendance, along with administrators, solicitor and community members. The committee had old and new business on the agenda. Policies which will move forward for adoption at the Tuesday, June 15 legislative board meeting include: Policy and Administrative Regulation (AR) 200 Enrollment of Students (2017); Policy and AR 214 Computing GPA (2019); Policy 150 Title I Comparability of Services (New); and Policy and AR 823 Energy Management (2018). In addition, AR 140 Charter Schools will be posted and the AR for 829 Equity was revised and will be reviewed and posted. A proposal to retitle Policy and AR 225 Students and the Police to “Relationship with Law Enforcement” was discussed and will be taken under consideration as a first read at the Tuesday, June 15 legislative board meeting. The next Policy Committee Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 23 at 8 a.m. at cheltenham.org/zoom.

201-05-26 Policy Committee Meeting.pdf, 752.71 KB; (Last Modified on June 7, 2021)