Ed Affairs Committee Presentation February 2020

The Educational Affairs committee convened on Tuesday, Feb. 18 with board members, administrators and community members present. The agenda included outcomes from the April 2019 homework survey and ongoing homework community meetings. The presentation included common resources about homework, definition of “effective” homework and how homework can serve as feedback for a teacher. Themes from the open-ended family survey questions included no homework in early grades, consistency in the assigning of homework, impact on the home, length of time to complete homework, instructions/ examples for parents, homework informs parents of student learning, homework is necessary, homework as optional and grading of homework. Themes from the open-ended student survey questions included no homework, homework is stressful, impact on extracurricular activities and sports, consistency of assigned homework, communication between teachers about homework, preference for more classwork than homework and length of time spent on homework. The presentation also includes draft language for a homework administrative regulation and educator concerns. The Educational Affairs committee will next meet Tuesday, March 17 at the Administration Building.

feb 2020 ed affairs.pdf, 1.21 MB; (Last Modified on February 26, 2020)