Ed Affairs Committee Presentation February 2021

Educational Affairs convened on Zoom on Tuesday, Feb. 16, and the agenda included one item: Class rank and course weight recommendations. CSD is considering a change to class ranking, which is how academic achievements are measured among classmates. A course’s degree of difficulty and a student’s grade determine their GPA. The higher the GPA, the higher the class ranking. At one time, class rank was a major component in deciding students’ entrance into colleges and universities. In recent reports, more than half the high schools across the country (and a number of neighboring schools) are no longer using student rankings. Because of different curricula and standards at different high schools, college admissions officers do not see class rank as an accurate factor in determining college admission. Some students select courses with more weight to better their rank status. Administrators and counselors at the high school feel students should be choosing courses that would be of more interest to them.

Under the leadership of Assistant Superintendent Dr. Tamara Thomas Smith, the CSD Office of Education is scheduling morning and evening meetings to discuss the elimination of class ranking and the proposed course weight changes for the 2021-2022 school year. At the meetings, office of education personnel will explain how changes will enhance the learning of high school students and address and answer parent/guardian questions and concerns.

The next Educational Affairs meeting will be held Tuesday, March 23 via Zoom.

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