Ed Affairs Committee Presentation January 2021

The Educational Affair Committee convened over Zoom on Tuesday, January 19. The agenda included new high school courses and implementation of the hybrid instructional model. CHS Vice Principal Dr. Ben Hammond spoke about new course offerings for CHS students, including Digital/Audio Production (basics of sound & mixing production) and Digital Age Entrepreneur (for students interested in owning their own business). Assistant Superintendent Dr. Tamara Thomas Smith reviewed the soon-to-be implemented hybrid instructional model, which includes remote and in-person learners. Planning and implementation of this model is dependent upon staff availability at each building. Some students’ teachers and/or classes will have to change, but the majority will remain with their same teacher and schedule. Class size is not universal due to the varying sizes of student capacity. Dr. Smith ensured secondary students will receive a content area work from content area certified teachers, and reiterated remote students will not be left behind in the hybrid model. K-12 students will receive synchronous learning Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with Wednesday remaining as asynchronous. Due to lack of staff, the CLASP program will not be offered, and  remaining available CLASP staffers will be utilized to help support in-person learning. All principals created a reopening plan and are in the midst of hosting virtual town hall for families. The next Educational Affairs meeting will be Tuesday, February 16 at 6:30 p.m.

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