Facilities Committee Presentation January 2023

With co-chair Charles Burdell-Williams presiding, the Facilities Committee convened in-person and via video conferencing for its monthly meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 3. Facilities director Timothy Holman delivered the presentation that started with a not-so-inviting pipe at the Elkins Park kitchen, which was given the go-ahead to be jetted by Hirchsburg and Sons. Hirchsburg and Sons also handled some other miscellaneous repairs to the kitchen area to address code violations. Staying with Elkins Park, Holman briefed the board on an asbestos abatement job in room 004 completed over winter break. Holman next moved on to projects at the high school, which included replacing a mirror in the weightroom and the wind damage the stadium scoreboard sustained. Finally, the district is investigating three different work order control companies, and is narrowing in on the best fit.

Facilities Committee Meeting.pdf, 7.11 MB; (Last Modified on January 6, 2023)