Facilities Committee Presentation May 2022

With co-chair Charles Burdell Williams presiding, the Facilities Committee convened via video conferencing on Tuesday, May 3 for its monthly meeting. The agenda included updates on projects from across the district. CSD Director of Facilities Tim Holman opened the meeting by updating the committee on the removal of hazardous waste from the administration building. Latex products are still in the space, as they need to be left out to dry. Holman spoke about how repairing/updating “low hanging fruit” projects around the district impacts morale, in this case painting the overhang at the student entrance at the high school. The main steps at the Administration Building have been completely rebuilt and once the cement cures, the handrail will be installed. Another step project was discussed, this one at Elkins Park, for which the district is soliciting bids. Triggered by an email from a community member about cleanliness at Elkins Park, the custodial team worked through spring break and made the school look as good as it could look. Piping for the Wyncote glycol leak project is onsite, but will have to wait until mid-May to be installed due to student testing in the building. The Wyncote update led to continued dialogue from the most recent meeting about protection of CSD buildings while awaiting litigation to play itself out. Finally, Holman showed a SchoolDude slide illustrating that 558 work orders have been closed. The next Facilities Committee meeting is Tuesday, June 7 at 7 p.m. via Zoom. Video>

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