Facilities Committee Presentation April 2022

With co-chair David Cohen presiding, the Facilities Committee convened over Zoom on Tuesday, April 5. The meeting began with an update on the status of roof repairs for the Administration Building and Elkins Park. At Glenside, bollards were put in place to provide protection against a vehicle collision. There was also a discussion over the training of the Kaivac bathroom machine, which saves time and also provides a better end result. The meeting presentation had a photo of the sliding boards being replaced at EP, and board member Leah Mulhearn reported that her daughter shared with her that the repair man found time to test it. All of the playgrounds will be inspected this year. There is an abundance of partial paints and chemicals that need to be disposed of at the administration building, and Environmental Solutions will provide that service for the district. Two years ago, there was a building assessment completed, and the data was shared with the board. School dude was shared as the last slide of the meeting. The next Facilities committee meeting is Tuesday, May 3, 2022. Video>

Fac Presentation April 2022.pdf, 1.99 MB; (Last Modified on April 8, 2022)