Facilities Committee Presentation February 2022

With co-chair David Cohen presiding, the Facilities Committee convened via video conferencing on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022. CSD Director of Facilities Timothy Holman opened the meeting with a thank you to the staff for their snow removal effort, and clean up of a flood caused by a frozen pipe in the high school. Holman discussed his meeting with the insurance company regarding the high school scoreboard and assured the board the damaged portion of the sign would be removed. Holman also covered the Denney report on the lighting upgrade at Elkins Park, and how the relighting project would reduce pollution by the equivalent of 29,000 cars annually. There was also a discussion regarding the Wyncote Elementary change order for the glycol cooling tower project that was negotiated from $68.6K to $35K, resulting in a savings of $33.6K. Holman announced Facilities would be looking into a true turf management program, and plans to follow the Penn State Agronomic program. There was also news about acquiring a minority vendor for window tinting in the Cedarbrook library.The next Financial Affairs meeting is Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Video>

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