Financial Affairs Committee Presentation March 2020

The Financial Affairs committee convened Tuesday, March 3 with committee co-chair Joel Fishbein presiding, fellow co-chair Dan Schultz, board members David Cohen, Tyrone Scott, Charles Burdell-Williams and Julie Haywood, and administrators in attendance. CSD Business Manager Cara Michaels presented three items: Food Services - management contract RFP update and administrative review; 2019-20 budget status; and 2020-21 budget update.


Michaels provided a brief update on food service, the current contract for which expires June 30. Advertising for RFPs for a new contract will occur in March and April. The bid will be awarded at the May legislative board meeting. Michaels also provided a recap of the food service administrative review conducted in February. The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), Division of Food and Nutrition are required by USDA to conduct administrative reviews every five years. Two corrective action measures were noted during the on-site review and will be addressed by March 21. Neither will result in fiscal action.


This fiscal year’s budget outlook shows CSD has collected $99,971,328 or 81.75 percent of its revenue and has spent/encumbered $74,404,624 or 60.84 percent of its expenditures. 


Michaels closed the meeting with a brief update on the cost savings and referendum exceptions for the 2020-21 budget. CSD is preliminary approved for approximately $2.3M, but has not received final PDE approval. The final budget will be adopted in June.


The next Financial Affairs meeting is Tuesday, March 31.

Financial Report 030320.pdf, 5.4 MB; (Last Modified on March 5, 2020)