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PBL7 Creates Tangranimals for CES Students

PBL7 Tangranimal Project On Friday, June 7, PBL7 exhibited and presented their "Tangranimals" as gifts to their first-grade buddies in celebration of their culminating project. The project launched in early May with a visit to Cheltenham Elementary School, where PBL students met the first-grade students and immersed themselves into the first-grade environment and conducted interviews to gain empathy and insight into their buddies' lives.

The “Tangranimals” project was a service-learning, mentoring experience and interdisciplinary partnership among math, science and English through which students used geometric concepts to break down the anatomical physiology of animals and design a “Tangranimal” based on their first-grade buddy’s favorite animal.

Members of PBL7 conducted primary research at the Philadelphia Zoo on Wednesday, May 22, and applied research skills from science class to gather information about the favorite animal’s habitat, diet, primary behaviors and population status. Then the students used the interviews, research and literary devices studied in English class to create a narrative poem that was included in the Tangranimal design.

In partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the middle schoolers gained knowledge about conservation and volunteered to improve animal habitats in Cheltenham Township. The project represented a great first step in what is hoped to become an ongoing partnership between the middle school and elementary school.