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Two CBK Students Earn ‘Perfect’ Scores at PJAS Regional Science Fair

cole and nori(March 7, 2023) With perfect scores on their projects, seventh grader Nori Huynh (Picky Plants: What Color of Light are Plants Drawn To?) and eighth grader Cole Powers (“Vowel” Language: Letter Ratios and Wordle Success Rates) led Cedarbrook’s success at the recent PA Junior Academy of Science regional science fair at Souderton. Some other CBK projects focused on minerals, babies looking like their parents, clean water, E. coli, paper airplanes, and UV-C exposure.

All told, the 22 CBK scientists went up against more than 200 students from across Montgomery County, and collected 15 first-place finishes, six second places and one third. Of those 22 participants, 19 were in their first year of competition. First place awardees are invited to attend PJAS STATES at Penn State in May.

Congratulations to all of the participants: Isabel Areman, Massiom Bacchiochi, Julia Ball, Joey Bieryla, Shae Branch, Frida Brodsky, Grace Byard, Nayan Foxhall, Tessa Homa, Nori Huynh, Naomi Manglos, Nia Mayrant, Amaya McCants, Veronika Miller, Karlei Ogden, Joshua Owens, Cole Powers, Johnny Raisch, Zachary Rowe, Noelle Ryan, Josephine Semien-Graef, and Morohkaut Thach.