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Eastern Standard Theatre Stages Mary Gallagher’s “Dog Eat Dog”

Eastern Standard Theatre Stages Mary Gallagher’s “Dog Eat Dog” Cheltenham High School’s Eastern Standard Theatre is putting on Mary Gallagher’s “Dog Eat Dog” March 6 and 7 at 7:30 p.m. in the Little Theatre. “Written in an allegorical, tongue-in-cheek style,” according to the New York Times, “the play draws rich humor from the plight of recession’s victims - but also comes disquietingly close to the chilling truth in doing so … laughter was freely mixed with moans of recognition.”

Set in an affluent suburb in a mid-sized American city in a “possible future” when the national economy has slid from recession into a downward spiral, “Dog Eat Dog” is a scathing satire on the collapse of our consumer economy.   The play follows the struggle of Al and Marina and their neighbors as they face conditions never before imagined: job loss, businesses collapsing, the country club besieged by squatters, and their friends and neighbors turning into hoarders, cadgers and thieves. Their attempts to survive while all is tumbling down are sometimes hilarious and sometimes genuinely moving as they turn curtains into clothes, dream up new ways to make zucchini appetizing, and fight over jobs they would have spurned in better days. But this is also a moral tale: an attempt to work together explodes in their faces, and the central characters have to decide what they are willing to do to survive:  “What good is going on if you go on alone?”

The production stars sophomore Koen Kaschock-Marenda as Al Foley; junior Grace Dugan as Marina Foley; freshman Kai Bosniak as Charlie Flynn; freshman Lucy Trott as Colleen Flynn; freshman Gavin Frankenberg as Fred Talbot; junior Ariella Whyte as Edith Talbot; freshman Ethan O’Hara as Dell Brown; senior Aisling Pembroke as Employment Counselor/Woman in Unemployment Line/Gypsy Woman; freshmen Andrew Marcus and Liam Sharpe as the Flynn Children; and junior Miles Fodor as the Radio Announcer/Puking Guy). Fodor is the director and English teacher Maria Canela is the play sponsor.

Stage crew includes freshman Diana Ahrens, freshman Benjamin Appel, sophomore Janet Cho, freshman Daniel Cooper, freshman Izzy Mazzaccaro, senior Maggie Morrison and freshman Maris Raisch.

Tickets are $3, two for $5 and are available at the door.