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Simple Machines Qualify for Quarterfinals at Ramp Riot XX

ramp riot Congratulations to Cheltenham High School’s Robotics team Simple Machines (FRC 423), which qualified for the quarterfinals at this past weekend’s preseason, arena-style battle at Wissahickon High School’s two-day Ramp Riot XX. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the competition included 31 schools from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and utilized FIRST's 2019 game Destination: Deep Space, wherein competing alliances collect cargo pods on Planet Primus amid unpredictable terrain and sandstorms.

Following a rocky start , Simple Machines, competing in the competition for the 19th time, climbed the leaderboard from 22nd to 12th on the first day of competition. At the end of the qualifying matches, Simple Machines ranked high enough to earn captainship of the seventh place alliance and teamed up with the Power Hawks from Edgewater, Md. and Baltimore Bolts for the elimination rounds. The alliance eventually fell to the second place alliance.

With humble roots as an eight-team scrimmage in 2000, Ramp Riot draws as many as 36 teams from eight states and more than 2,500 spectators. Ramp Riot is more than just a competition, as teams introduce rookie members to the FIRST atmosphere and gear up for the coming season. The 2020 competition is Infinite Recharge, which kicks off in January.