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PBL-11 Citizen Scientists in Action

PBL11 Students in Action PBL-11 students Dajuan Baysmore, Alfred Ewald, Dan Fox and Danny Turner set macroinvertebrate traps in the ponds at Curtis Arboretum earlier this week. PBL 11's first project of the year engages students as citizen scientists, collecting baseline ecological data in support of the arboretum's landscape management plan, which the township adopted in 2016.

The 45+ acre Curtis Arboretum, located off Church Road and Washington Lane, is part of the former Curtis Estate and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to the landscape that was cultivated by the former property owners before it was turned over to the Township as permanent open space. Over time, a significant amount of the original landscaping has deteriorated or died off. The landscape management plan will improve, restore and enhance the original landscaping of the property and adapt the arboretum to modern recreational needs.