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Learn How To Set Up The PowerSchool Mobile App

We'd like to make several points of clarification regarding the PowerSchool app.

Only parents/guardians of 5th through 12th grade students need to access PowerSchool. Grade K through 4 parents/guardians do not have PowerSchool portals.

Access codes were mailed home or sent home with your student, including returning and new students. If you do not know your student and/or parent access code, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR BUILDING SECRETARY FOR CREDENTIALS. THEY HAVE ACCESS TO LOCATE THAT INFORMATION.

If you believe your account needs to be reset, our database administrator, Vicky Sanchez, can take care of that for you. Please email her at

Click through to learn about creating a parent account>

As a reminder, here are the instructions for setting up the PowerSchool App.

1. If you already have the app installed, delete it and reinstall.
2. Download the app from your mobile store, there are iOS and Android versions.
3. Open the app.
4. Instead of putting in the current mobile district code, click "Where's My District Code"
5. Afterward, click on "Enter Server Address"
6. Enter as the server address.
7. Students and parents should then be able to enter current access information via the login screen.