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Seniors Open Letters from Their Third Grade Selves

Mrs. Wimms and her former third grade class This past Thursday, 10 CHS seniors received a blast from the past in the form of letters they wrote themselves as Myers Elementary third graders in Ms. Erika Wimms’ class during the 2009-10 school year.

“It was overwhelming watching these kids open these letters that I watched them write a long time ago,” said Wimms, who has been carrying out this tradition for at least the past two decades. “But I felt so proud seeing all that they have achieved over the years.”

Many of the letters contained career aspirations. Nisaa Dufour came the closest to predicting the future, saying she wanted to be a judge, and this fall is attending Rutgers to study criminal justice. “I wanted to be a singer, but I’m tone deaf,” another said. The students were surprised, touched, amused and, in some cases, confounded by what their younger selves wrote - particularly since the notes were written in cursive.