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Freshman PBL Hosts Cosi Taste Test as Part of Breaking Bread Project

Breaking Bread PCL Project The freshman Project Based Learning cohort hosted Cosi Catering Sales Manager Abbey Shuster this week for a taste test featuring different foods from the local eatery as part of its “Breaking Bread” assignment.

Shuster brought a variety of salads, soups and entrees and as the students tasted each, they wrote notes. Was it bitter? Sweet? Salty? Sour? How was the texture? Shuster has food allergies and wanted to gain a perspective about what the food tastes like so it could help her know what the spices tasted like in the food.  

“This experience has been invaluable to me as far as being out there helping clients plan their events,” Shuster said. “As clients ask questions, I'll refer back to the student results. This will help me better understand the food I’m recommending to catering clients.”

The Breaking Bread project challenges students to answer the essential question, “Do we eat for healing within our cultures?” Students explore how food affects the physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

“In this project, we challenge our students to expand their thinking in terms of healing, culture and religion,” said PBL teacher Michael Kwas. ”We also expect students to achieve high quality work through peer critique, revision and student choice.”

In Biology, students will learn how food affects us at the molecular level. In Social Studies, students will explore world cultures through the lens of Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism. The students will also visit the cafeteria at Jefferson Bucks Hospital in Langhorne, Pa., to discover how food can impact healing. At the end of the semester, student learning will be presented in the form of a cookbook and serving tray.