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December Students of the Month

December students of the month Ten students have been acknowledged as December’s Students of the Month for academic excellence, leadership and character growth in Unified Arts and Health/Physical Education. Congratulations to (left to right) Dalonese Love, Abby Tabas, Kelley Ilin, Zoe Matsinger, Alanah Jones, Crystal Leonard, Anyae Wilson-Worley, Carissa Dorley and Bran Hartwell. (Not pictured: Ben Soboloff) The students will receive recognition at a breakfast for all first and second marking period student of the month honorees.


Junior Abby Tabas

Nominated by Jennifer Hall for academic excellence in Unified Arts

Says Hall: Abby is an outstanding artist, student, leader and friend. She is always the first person at National Art Honor Society meetings and volunteer events and the last person to leave after making sure that everything is cleaned up and everyone is taken care of.


Senior Dalones Love

Nominated by Rob Weneck for academic excellence in Unified Arts

Says Weneck: All her worked is turned in ahead of schedule and is very creative as well.


Senior Anyae Wilson-Worley

Nominated by Steph Serbun for leadership in Unified Arts

Says Serbun: Anyae goes above and beyond to help her group members and shows leadership daily. A pleasure to have in class!


Sophomore Kelley Ilin

Nominated by Merav Nesvsiky for academic excellence in Unified Arts

Says Nesvsiky: Kelley consistently works to improve her self-expressive art. She is self-directed, inquisitive and self-motivated. Kelly is open to feedback,helps maintain the studio and regularly and unprompted, she helps her peers. A second-year ceramics student, she continued to work independently over the summer on small-scale projects, which she completed this fall at CHS. Kelley is a responsible and conscientious student who has shown measurable creative and personal growth. She is a serious artist with a refreshing, kind sense of humor, even when at times, things fall apart.


Freshman Crystal Leonard

Nominated by Antonia Saunders for leadership in Unified Arts

Says Saunders: Crystal Leonard is a leader and has done well academically. She’s always eager to do her best work and set a good example for her peers.


Freshman Zoe Matsinger

Nominated by Frank Decembrino for academic excellence in Health/Physical Education

Says Decembrino: Zoe has been an exceptional student in Physical Education class throughout the school year. Her effort is consistently the best in our class. She also leads by example and motivates her classmates to do well.


Sophomore Ben Soboloff

Nominated by Dave Burton for character growth in Health/Physical Education

Says Burton: In my Competitive Sports class, Ben demonstrates an understanding of being a part of a team, how to respond to winning and losing, and how to prepare and work to improve as a player. He is a skilled athlete and competitor - but what makes him special is the manner in which he carries himself. He is tough on the field/court, but a gentleman and respectful person off the field/court. He is a pleasure in class and always seems to be smiling.


Senior Carissa Dorley

Nominated by Dave Burton for leadership in Health/Physical Education

Says Burton: Carissa is an outstanding athlete, but even more impressive as a human being. In our Sports Leadership Class, she is considered one of the best speakers and leaders. She has a positive relationship with everyone in the class because of the way she treats others. She is always prompt, prepared and engaged in class, often leading discussions with confidence and humility. In Weight Training, where students work out at their own pace and based on their own desires and goals, Carissa has influenced others to work harder because of her efforts.


Freshman Alanah Jones

Nominated by Matthew Robison for academic excellence in Health/Physical Education

Says Robison: Alanah arrives promptly to class every day. She always gives her best effort and gets along well with her peers. She brings a positive energy to the class and is a great role model.


Junior Brandon Hartwell

Nominated by Matthew Robison for academic excellence in Health/Physical Education

Says Robison: Brandon is a model student in weight training class. He comes prepared each class and works hard to accomplish his fitness goals. He is very respectful and is a pleasure to have in class.