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PBL 9 Tells the “Stories of Cheltenham”; Hosts Book Launch Thursday, Dec. 13 at Glenside Library

The CHS Freshman English and Social Studies Project-Based Learning collaborative is hosting a book launch at the Glenside Library, Thursday, Dec. 13 at 7 p.m. to celebrate the publication of its book and companion website “Stories of Cheltenham.”

The 63-page paperback, which is available for purchase on Amazon, is a collection of thematically connected photographs and stories collected by PBL 9 students, ranging from humorous to ironic and heartfelt to absurd, capturing the spirit of Cheltenham Township, an inner ring suburb of Philadelphia. The book, inspired by "The Humans of New York," will be entered into the “local authors” section of the Glenside Library at the launch.

The class began the semester looking to answer one question: “What is the essence of Cheltenham Township?” What they learned through interviews and lengthy conversations, reading and research, editing and debate, is there is not a single answer to this question. Rather, they discovered many answers: “a place,” “a certain nostalgia,” or “the promise of the future,” to name a few. The book intends to showcase what diversity looks like when it’s working, when it’s thriving.

Through the project, students learned how to conduct interviews and revise and critique each other’s work; website creation, video production and book publishing; collaboration and long-term project management. Students developed the skills of a self-directed learner who can find information by themselves, formulate effective questions and hone research techniques.

“We’re hopeful the students will develop a sense of their own place in the greater scope of history by interviewing community members of various generations,” said PBL teacher Mike Kwas, “and produce a marketable product extending beyond the walls of Cheltenham High School.”

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