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Science Students Tackle Tough Topics in Environmental Policy and Law

Skills for Life students pose with science posters Skills for Life and learning support students in Gus Ekhardt and Catherine Nguyen’s Environmental Science class recently completed a unit in environmental policy and law, which culminated with students creating posters (citing at least three sources) and presenting them to the class. Posters covered the date the act was put into place, what the policy says, who or what the law or act protects, penalties for not following the law and interesting facts or information.  

“Inclusive education relies on teachers and support staff who are dedicated to ensuring students receive the best opportunities to maximize their learning,” said Special Education Chair Gus Ekhardt, “In Environmental Science, we provide a positive, supportive and proactive learning environment that allows students to display the evidence of their learning creatively, while keeping and maintaining a high content level.

Some of the acts/laws the students (Mariah Cedeno, Isaiah Jones, Selena Taliafero, Isaiah Barnes-Chambers, Dana Bashiru, Zion Colon, Joe Corbin, Rah’Siere Sanders, Tyron Smith, Bryttney Wayns-Gauthney and Morgan Michael) researched included the Homestead Act of 1862, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Endangered Species Act, Safe Drinking Water Act and Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act.

It was completely enjoyable to observe and support this learning experience for the students,” Ekhardt continued.” Their excitement grew as they delved deeper into the research for their policy presentations. The students had such a depth of knowledge which showed through as they confidently and comfortably presented their projects.