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PBL9 Produces Workplace Documentary

docu intro(Feb. 19, 2024) Freshmen Project-Based Learning students created a documentary titled “What If I Quit,” a compilation of two- to three-minute videos examining how companies can only function with the contributions of all employees, regardless of job title, responsibilities, and salary. Barack Obama’s Netflix documentary “Working” inspired this project.

Students explored different workplace roles to determine how the world functions. Additionally, students applied their understanding of the workplace system to cellular systems and systems throughout history.

As part of the Social Studies portion of the project, students explored the various systems of Colonial America, including, penal system, government structures, religion and triangular trade. In English, the students focused on choosing a common text to participate in a book club that explores the dystopian genre. In book club sessions, students examined the roles characters have to fulfill for the novel’s society to function effectively. And in Biology, students examined intracellular processes and reflected what would happen to an organism if any one of these processes “quit” or did not operate perfectly: cells and cell structure; cell cycle/cell division; DNA/RNA/protein synthesis; and genetics.

Watch the documentary.