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CHS Students Teach CE Kindergarteners Gravity Through Egg Drop Experiment

CE and CHS students(May 24, 2023) Kindergarteners from Cheltenham Elementary’s Room 4 partnered with Mrs. Soboloff and the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Club at CHS to design and engineer an egg drop experiment.

The high schoolers asked Room 4 to be Humpty Dumpty’s security guard and keep him safe from his fall off the wall. Room 4, with their big kid buddy, had the challenge of creating a container to prevent their egg from cracking when falling from a high distance. 

The high schoolers taught the younger students about gravity, impact and cushion. They used cardboard boxes, sponges, foam, paper towel rolls and other recyclable materials to engineer their egg drop experiment. Finally, they tested their egg drop experiment out of the window into the courtyard.

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