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CHS Students Teach CBK STEM

students teaching (May 17, 2023) CHS senior Maris Raisch and their classmates visited CBK’s Omar Rose and Sean Quenzer’s STEM students Wednesday morning to present a lesson they learned with CHS Computer Science teacher Sarah Putterman earlier in the year. 

“I want to get more kids involved and interested in computer science and cybersecurity,” said Raisch, “Collaborative lessons allow middle schoolers to get a taste of what computer science classes at CHS are like.” 

The lesson consisted of a collection of photos Putterman took while at a conference in St. Louis and the students used the metadata to determine the answers to various questions. Metadata is, basically, information about other data.

Many files contain extra or even hidden data other than the visual data seen at first glance. E-books, photographs, movies, music and even documents can contain data not seen initially.

The CHS students presented the concept of cybersecurity and worked with small groups of CBK students to lead them through different strategies and methodology in answering a variety of questions.