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PBL9 Cooks Up Annual Foodology Project

students with food(March 15, 2023) With vegetable fajitas, creamy ravioli, chicken lo mein, and an assortment of cookies and beverages, PBL9 cooked up their third project of the year, Foodology. Participating in a cooking demo with Keisha Prosser of the Mobile Cooking Teacher, students chopped veggies, sauteed chicken breasts and mixed ingredients, and savored their ravioli and lo mein. 

The Foodology project aims to answer the essential question, “What do you bring to the table?” Humans choose to eat different foods for a variety of reasons: tastes good, makes us feel good, helps keep us healthy, etc. The goal of the project is not to label foods as “healthy” and “unhealthy,” but rather to evaluate the holistic benefits of food by assessing which biomolecules (and other vitamins and minerals) are present, and how these biomolecules benefit different people in different ways. Students explored these concepts by either researching a genetic disease or disorder with related dietary needs.