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“Hack the Ham” Hackathon Winners

screenshots from each winning game (January 12, 2023) This past weekend, dozens of students from CHS and CBK competed in the fifth annual “Hack the Ham'' hackathon for grades seven through 12. Hosted by the CHS Computer Science Honor Society, the hackathon saw participants programming apps, games, and websites over a 48-hour period. 

"Each year, our projects just keep getting more creative,” said Computer Science Honor Society sponsor Sarah Putterman. “The judges have commented that they can see progress with each hackathon. These students are building wonderful programs and helping us make a difference in our community at the same time."

Eighth grader Josh Owens won for Cedarbrook with a collection of stories, one of which was a fish-themed twist of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

The freshman team of Lelia Johnson, Klara Hartwell, and Mileyka Thach won for the high school with a collection of fairy tale character-themed games.

Congratulations to all the winners!