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CHS AP Gov Students Zoom with U.S. House Incumbent Madeleine Dean

dean headshot(October 19, 2022) Through an opportunity organized by the non-partisan Committee of Seventy, students in Jennifer Pollack’s Advanced Placement United States Government class met virtually with U.S. House incumbent Madeleine Dean, of Pennsylvania’s fourth district, Wednesday morning. Students, some of whom were 18 and eligible to vote in their first election in this November’s midterms, learned about what Dean stands for by asking questions of the two-time congresswoman.

Senior Eli Liedtka asked about youth disillusionment toward politics due to the lack of action on issues such as climate change and gun violence; senior Vaughn McCain queried about how education can be utilized to prevent gun violence and drug use; junior Mia Garay wanted to know how federal funds could be used to combat the opioid epidemic; and senior Audrey Toly asked about Rep. Dean’s entry into politics.

Dean shared about her foray into politics as a teen candidate, and pleaded with youth not to lose hope, saying “we need your voices; you’re making a difference.” She encouraged students interested in politics to “raise their hand,” “find a candidate who models what you value” and get involved with their campaign, be it knocking on doors or answering phones. She also spoke about her own son’s battles with addiction, and how addiction education can “give hope​, and stop communities from reeling​.”