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Cheltenham School District Foundation Awards Innovation Grants

grant recipients(September 9, 2022) The Cheltenham School District Foundation awarded 23 grants totaling almost $25,000 to 28 Cheltenham educators at this year’s school-opening festivities. The individual grants ranged from more than $1,500 to $100. Grant ideas included funding requests for flexible classroom space, robotics, CSI: Cheltenham, elementary drama club, music, coding and more. The foundation is proud of its multifaceted grant initiative that provides diverse support to programs, integrating and supplementing the Cheltenham School District’s regular instructional programs. Many of these programs provide unique approaches to learning and pedagogy, while some are extracurricular opportunities offered to students outside of school hours. Most awards fund specialized instructional materials not included in a public school budget. Below are this year’s grantees and their projects. For information on the foundation, visit

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