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JeopardyAnswer: After four attempts to appear on Jeopardy! were stymied due to pandemic and administrative reasons, this 2015 Cheltenham alumna will appear on  America's Favorite Quiz Show on Friday, Nov. 5.

Question: Who is Kate Kohn? 

For the Washington, D.C. resident, appearing on Jeopardy! was a “dream come true.” Kohn grew up in Elkins Park watching Jeopardy! and playing along with her parents after dinner.

“Since I’m in D.C., I didn’t have a cute special ‘hometown howdy’ for the 215, but I hope you know I do in my heart,” Kohn said recently. “I spent the past few months studying, so I felt prepared for the questions, but you don't realize how excited you are until you're actually on stage. I was shaking so much I thought I was going to fall off the box they put me on! I don't remember any of the clues or responses from my game, save for Final Jeopardy! Now I know why everyone on stage looks so tense all the time -- they are quaking in their boots!” 

CHS also helped her prepare for Jeopardy!, Kohn mentioned, as she recalled her “exceptional education in literature and history, in particular. I breezed through history questions in my practice games. APUSH (AP U.S. History) class really came in handy in Final Jeopardy!”

Where CHS really helped her was her professional pursuits as the communications manager at the Federation of American Scientists, the oldest arms control advocacy organization in the United States. Kohn, who went to American University and graduated with a master’s degree in political communication at 21, recollected how her teachers helped teach her to connect larger picture items that might not seem obvious at first. “That kind of thinking is useful in all sorts of things, not just television game shows!” she said.