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Emma Fishbein to Continue Diving Career at Tufts University

Cheltenham High School senior Emma Fishbein will attend Tufts University in Medford, Mass., this fall and continue her diving career for the Jumbos under head coach Adam N. Hoyt and diving coach Brad Snodgrass. Tufts is an NCAA Division III program which competes in the New England Small College Athletic Conference, comprising 11 highly selective liberal arts institutions.

Emma Fishbein A three-year member of the CHS diving squad, Fishbein chose Tufts for myriad reasons. First and foremost, Tufts “felt right” Fishbein offered, and said the 5,500-student private research university would provide the academic freedom to explore her interests, while being “very strong in the STEM areas I think I may pursue.”

The Jumbos’ aquatics program was a good fit, as well. “When I met the team, I saw how connected they were even before the season started,” she said. “They seemed to have immense camaraderie around their sport and learning. Tufts feels like a place where I can be challenged academically and have a great time with others who are passionate about their sport.

“I wanted a school where swimming and diving was truly one team,” continued  Fishbein, who has qualified for first honors more than a dozen times during her high school career. “Being part of a team is an experience like no other. You are part of a group who care about the same thing enough to put their bodies on the line by practicing upwards of 15 hours a week. That is a special bond.”

After years of gymnastics, dancing and soccer as a youth, Fishbein came into diving as a sophomore at Cheltenham High School. She also honed her craft by  diving year-round for the Germantown Academy Dive Club and coach Tom Henninger. After three years of competing in the “adrenaline-inducing sport,” she knew she wasn’t finished with diving. When searching for colleges, she knew she wanted to be part of a team. Her desire to be part of a team at Tufts is a carryover from her experience with the Panthers swimming and diving team, head coach Karen Wirtshafter and diving coach John Finley. 

“Being part of the swimming and diving team was one of the best parts of my Cheltenham experience,” said Fishbein. “I built great relationships with the divers and  swimmers. The team is compassionate and understands the struggles of practicing six days a week and how it feels when you don’t live up to your own expectations, which makes winning individually and as a team that much more rewarding.”

Good luck Emma!