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Troy Henikoff

Troy Henikoff CHS Class of 1982 graduate Troy Henikoff captained the Panther wrestling team, and at graduation in 1982, he had the distinct, unusual honor of being awarded both the math and industrial arts department awards. As a high school wrestler, Troy became accustomed to seeing a poster on the gym wall that said, "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity." That quote has been a guiding light in Troy's professional career.
Troy, who has an undergraduate degree in Engineering from Brown University and a Masters Degree in Project Management from Northwestern, is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built multiple successful technology-based businesses from the ground up. As the Managing Director of Techstars Chicago, Troy has helped tech start-up companies learn best business practices. With one foot firmly rooted in technology, and the other firmly rooted in business, Troy has seamlessly bridged the divide between business and technology to enable tech companies to become profitable very quickly. Troy is also employed as an adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship at Northwestern University. (Bio Developed by Chuck Lagerman)