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Nicole Bailey-Williams

Nicole Bailey-Williams CHS Class of 1989 alum, Nicole Bailey-Williams attended Hampton University for college where she majored in English Arts. Nicole then pursued a Master's degree in Education from Temple University and began teaching high school English in New Jersey. A teacher by day, Nicole wrote articles for various newspapers and magazines in the evening. In 1998, she formulated the idea for a radio show in which she would review books and interview authors. That show, The Literary Review, aired on WDAS AM from 1998-2007. In the interim, Nicole still taught and began to put pen to paper on her own book.
Her breakout novel, A Little Piece of Sky, won the Debut Fiction Award from the Hurston Wright Foundation. Subsequent works include Floating, The Love Child's Revenge, The Gold-Digger's Guide (written under the pseudonym Ivana B. Rich) and The Shelby Series: The Day the Plums Disappeared. A new book, Crush, will be released in February.
Additionally, Nicole started Capital Corn & Confections in 2011, a gourmet popcorn business. She just opened her first brick & mortar in October. As owner of Capital Corn & Confections, Nicole manufactures popcorn for special events, farmers' markets, and wholesale. She looks forward to watching the business grow and invites her Cheltenham family to check out her wonderful product via herwebsite.