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CBK Principal Marcy Hockfield to Retire in June

CBK Principal Marcy Hockfield to Retire in June After 35 years as an educator, Cedarbrook Middle School Principal Marcy Hockfield announced her retirement, effective Friday, June 19, to staff this week. Hockfield has served as the proud principal of Cedarbrook since 2016, and, in that time, has created a feeling of home and family for all students and staff. 

When the CBK family was spread among three buildings before the new Cedarbrook opened in August 2018, Hockfield worked diligently to ensure unity and community among the students and staff. Focused on providing the best experience possible for students and staff, Hockfield guided them through the transition to the new Cedarbrook with tremendous composure. 

Hockfield played a large part in designing the new Cedarbrook, what she calls the “perfect” middle school. With its unique spaces and experiences for myriad students, Hockfield utilized the space to build community. By creating an immersive, student-centered atmosphere, Cedarbrook’s climate and culture has helped students and staff blossom. 

“Cedarbrook is a happy space for them,” Hockfield said. “Since opening the doors to the new Cedarbrook, our student engagement has taken off.” 

Hockfield led the integration of project-based learning into the curriculum and expanded the program to include cohorts in seventh and eighth grades. In STEM, students have flourished because the teachers have embraced design thinking. Teachers engage in interdisciplinary projects across all departments. The introduction of the What I Need (WIN) period has been a revelation for CBK students who can now seek academic enrichment, work out in the CrossFit gym, play music or engage in art therapy or mindfulness. 

Afterschool pursuits such as athletics, and activities like the Hip Hop Club, ProjectLIT, the cooking club and others have helped build community and unity in the school.

“After I was hired at Lower Merion High School as an assistant principal, Ms. Hockfield welcomed me on my first day and I will never forget what she said, ‘Welcome to Lower Merion. We are really glad to have you. We are going to make a great team,’” recalled CSD Superintendent Dr. Wagner Marseille. “Fast forward 13 years and it’s been my honor and pleasure to call her a colleague, but, more importantly, a friend.”

The search for a permanent principal will begin with posting the position immediately. As per practice, CSD will identify CBK families and staff and district administrators to participate in the interview process. 

“Cedarbrook has blossomed into a special place which will require a special candidate with incredible spirit, tremendous energy and love of children,” she said. 

Marseille intends to present the final candidate for board approval no later than the May 2020 Legislative Board meeting, with an anticipated start date soon thereafter.

Congratulations and thank you, Ms. Hockfield. Best wishes for a wonderful retirement.