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Wyncote Roarin’ Robots Take Top Honors at FIRST Robotics Competition

Wyncote Roarin’ Robots Take Top Honors at FIRST Robotics Competition The Wyncote Roarin’ Robots took first among more than 40 schools in the Innovation Project presentation category at the FIRST Robotics LEGO League competition at Springside Chestnut Hill this past Saturday, Dec. 7. The team’s project, The Silento, is designed to attach to leaf blowers and use destructive sound waves to cancel the leaf blower noise. The Roarin’ Robots involved in the project presentation were Abby Edgar, Alexis Keke, Chase Smith, Kaile Payne, Kayla Sumitra, Maeve Beil, Oliver Burnside, Rachel Bucurescu, Samantha Bentz and Scarlett Rau.

This year’s elementary school-level competition City Builder challenges students to observe how cities and buildings grow, thrive and change. Students create innovative solutions to help shape an optimal future using the environment and modern-day tools and technology to make it last. City Builder has two parts: Robot Game and Innovation Project. In the Robot Game, teams identify missions to solve, design, build and program a LEGO Robot, then have 150 seconds to maneuver and navigate the LEGO Robot to complete as many missions as possible. In the Innovation Project, teams identify a problem with a building or public space in the community, design a solution and share the solution with others and then refine it.

While Wyncote took first in the Innovation Project, the Myers Machines scored the best of the Cheltenham teams in the Robot Game with 140 points. The  Cheltenham Elementary Supreme Dream Robo-Dolphins were right on Myers’ heels at 135 pts. Glenside’s Bear-Bots had a solid showing, making a tremendous presentation on Lynnewood Hall.

The CE team demonstrated its understanding of “gracious professionalism,” an important tenet of Lego League when it lent its robot’s batteries to the Myers squad after the Machines realized their batteries were out of juice. CE’s act was especially generous since they were also waiting in line to compete.