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CHS Environmental Club Partners with Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to Plant Trees on Campus

trees Members of the high school’s environmental club rolled up their sleeves and broke out the shovels this past Saturday, Nov. 16 to plant a red maple and two crabapple trees in the CHS Courtyard. The Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS) donated the trees through its Tree Tenders program.   

Freshmen Andrew Marcus and Rico Welsh, sophomore Sydney DiFebbo and seniors Cara Fields, Abby Tabas, and Lucia Canalejas participated in the CHS tree planting. Part of a region-wide, weekend-long push, hundreds of groups from more than 60 neighborhoods and communities throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding counties helped 900 trees take root in their new homes. 

“Thanks to Cheltenham for arranging for such wonderful students to plant the trees,” said Mindy Lemoine, watershed program manager at the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. “They were eager, thoughtful and friendly, and a pleasure to work with. I hope we can plant trees together again in the spring.” 

The increasing shade, flood management, and air purification these trees will provide over time is critical to  Philadelphia-area neighborhoods as they continue to become warmer and wetter with a changing climate.

The Tree Tenders program, led by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, is supported by Pennsylvania’s TreeVitalize program and partners with other organizations to plant and care for trees in the area.