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District Retirees Recognized at Legislative School Board Meeting

Retiree Announcement The district celebrated this year’s cohort of retirees at the Tuesday, May 14 Legislative School Board Meeting. Following a retirees reception at the Administration Building, representatives from Wyncote, Cedarbrook, Elkins Park, Myers, Glenside, CLASP, Facilities and Administration lauded their colleagues for their hard work and dedication to the district and its students for their many years of service. Retirees received citations from the board in recognition of their time with the district.

Stepping in for Wyncote Principal Dr. Crystal Clark, Kindergarten teacher Jim Taylor evoked the Mary Oliver poem “Summer Day” when speaking about Sophie Cifelli and she answered the poem’s call of “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Cedarbrook Principal Marcy Hockfield bid a fond adieu to lunchroom aide Audrey Aner, secretary Anne Eckert and school nurse Mary Regosh. EP Principal Dr. Gerry Fitzpatrick-Doria lauded the multi-tasking ability of secretary Monica Saracco. Interim Myers Principal Dr. Renato Lajara shared with the board the impact speech and language teacher Catherine Feskanin and challenge consultant Mimi Rubin have had in the building during his abridged tenure and in the years prior. CLASP supervisor Peggy McManus shared how CLASP aides Loretta Harris and Sandra Smith were able to fill the role of pseudo grandparents to the CLASP students at Glenside and Wyncote, respectively, over the course of their combined 30 years of service. Superintendent Dr. Wagner Marseille highlighted the numerous personal well being and mindfulness programs Cindy Goldberg had initiated as the district mindfulness coach and second grade teacher at Glenside. Dr. Marseille then shared how much he appreciated Dr. Doria and the “leap of faith” she made in coming to Cheltenham from Lower Merion four years ago.

A full list of the district’s retirees follows:


Ruben Amaro, Custodian (ME), 6 years

Audrey Aner, Aide (CBK), 5 years

Robert Byrne, Safety Officer (CBK), 9.5 years

Sophie Cifelli, Kindergarten Teacher (WE), 37 years

Marcia Colbridge, Secretary (CHS), 25 years

Johnna Corbett, Secretary (Admin), 33 years

Dorothy Davenport, Safety Officer (CHS), 10 years

Anne Eckert, Secretary (CBK), 30 years

Gennies Falconer, Custodian (CE),  10.5 years

Catherine Feskanin, Speech/Language Teacher (ME), 26 years

Gerry Fitzpatrick-Doria, Principal (EP), 4 years

Cindy Goldberg, Mindfulness Coach/ Gr. 2 Teacher (GE), 23 years

David Goode, Custodian (CHS), 13 years

Loretta Harris, CLASP Aide (ME), 12.5 years

Karen Howard, Secretary (Admin), 19 years

David Jones, English Teacher (CBK), 27 years

John Little, Computer Technician (CHS), 20.5 years

Lynn Meldru, Science Teacher (CHS), 21 years

John Patton, Gr. 2 Teacher (GE), 20 years

Eileen Peirce, Safety Officer (CHS),  12 years

Cathy Pray, Special Ed teacher (CHS), 13 years

Mary Regosch, School Nurse (CBK), 21 years

Mimi Rubin, Challenge Consultant (ME), 24.5 years

Monica Saracco, Secretary (EP), 19 years

Barbara Sessoms, CLASP Aide (WE), 16 years

Sandra Smith, CLASP Aide (WE), 17.5 years

Winston Wilson, Custodian (CBK), 11 years