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CBK Workshop Teaches Students to Create Cinematic Puppet Shows with Overhead Projectors

7th Grade PBL Social Studies  On Thursday, May 16, Sarah Fornace, one of the artistic directors of the Chicago-based Manual Cinema, conducted workshops for seventh-grade PBL Social Studies students in Isaac Stanford’s class about how to create cinematic shadow puppet shows with old-fashioned overhead projectors. Fornace concentrated on showing the students the narrative possibilities of cinematic shadow puppetry. Students learned about the different types of shots (close up, medium, tracking, over the shoulder) and terminology (motif, puppet, show versus tell) they will need to employ while working collaboratively to create their own “movies” about Brazil, the country they are studying. The students had the opportunity to create slideshows based on direction from Fornace.

The Manual Cinema workshops came about through a partnership Stanford forged with the Kimmel Center and the International Performing Arts for Youth conference (IPAY). After attending the IPAY conference in January and a residency at the Kimmel Center the year before, Stanford was able to bring this experience to his students. He also obtained free tickets for students and their families to attend Manual Cinema’s show ADA/AVA at the Kimmel Center on Saturday, May 16.

To see an example of Manual Cinema's work check out the piece they created for NPR's Invisibilia.