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CSD Instructional Tech Takes Its Show on the Road

Instructional Tech Presenters Amy Flynn and Brandon Lutz Earlier this week, Brandon Lutz, CSD Supervisor of Instructional Technology, and Amy Flynn, Wyncote Elementary Library Media Specialist, presented the CSD Innovation Department’s cutting edge work as it relates to student impact, achievement and data to the Teacher Education Alliance (TEA) at Arcadia University. Following the presentation, Lutz and Flynn held a question and answer session.

“We emphasized the importance of relationship building and how curriculum drives instruction not technology,” said Flynn. “We shared ideas of how their programs can better prepare the future teachers.”

TEA is a group of professors and deans from the surrounding institutions of higher education who are responsible for decisions that relate to pre-service teachers and teacher education programs. The TEA chairs extended the invitation to CSD as a way to build better relationships with their programs and districts.