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Students Attend Microsoft Store Computer Programming Workshop

CHS students learn programming skills at Microsoft workshop On Monday, April 22, 30 CHS students attended a computer programming workshop at the Microsoft Store in the King of Prussia Mall. Students utilized block programming based on “Scratch,” a free program from the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab to control a Ohbot Robot. An expressive, programmable robot head that stands almost eight inches tall, Microsoft’s Ohbot Robot is constructed with seven motors that tilt and turn the head and eyes, move its eyelids and its lips. In the workshop, the Ohbots were connected to Microsoft Surface Pros and students received instruction about writing code to program human-like speech and control facial gestures. In addition to learning the “hard skills” of how to write code to move the Ohbot, students developed their “soft skills” of resilience and problem solving as the solution often required multiple attempts before they succeeded. Dr. Ray Realdine, CSD Counseling Supervisor, and CHS Math and Computer Science Teacher Sarah Putterman accompanied the students on the trip.