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Black History Month Peace Assembly at Cheltenham Elementary

Cheltenham Elementary Black History Month Celebration Cheltenham Elementary teacher Michelle Przybylowski coordinated the second grade Black History Month Peace assembly for all of CE students and second grade families this past Friday. The four classrooms celebrated Black History Month in their own individual ways. Room 21 read "I Am Enough" by Grace Byers and created a fantastic video with iMovie with a poem about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Room 22 recited a Maya Angelou poem. Room 23 dressed as Superheroes and sang “Yes I Can Can” and “I Rise Up.” Using information from a research project, Room 24 revealed who inspired them and why. The classes and the audience came together to sing “Ev’rybody Say Peace” and “Shalom to You My Friend.” The show concluded with the second graders leading an ebullient rendition of “Feel Good.”