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Community Conversation on Climate, Culture and Equity


Climate Culture Equity logo Equity, access and opportunity drive the District's work to ensure the eradication of the pervasive and inequitable outcomes in student achievement, results and performances. To that end, the Cheltenham School District hosted its second Community Conversation on Climate, Culture and Equity on Thursday, Jan. 10 at Wyncote Elementary. At the meeting, principals shared ongoing positive practices and programs that continue to improve climate and culture in all of the schools in our district. The group continued its dialogue on equity: What does it mean? How is it defined? What does it mean for our community and what is its impact? Below, are the evening's presentations for review. The District looks forward to the next meeting on Wednesday, April 3 at 5:30 p.m. at Wyncote Elementary and also creating ways in which to draw a larger portion of community into the conversation.

CSD Climate and Culture Presentations - Jan. 10>

Dr. Robert Jarvis Presentation>