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CBK Eighth Grader Isabella Rey Publishes “Tibiri’s Adventures”

Isabella Rey An award-winning student and accomplished playwright, Cedarbrook eighth grader Isabella Rey recently published “Tibiri’s Adventure,” an 80-page book originally penned as a play at the request of her godfather when he asked her to write a play about his dog Tibiri. The book is available in paperback and Kindle.

According to Amazon, “Tibiri is a dog who lives happily in Miami with his human companion. One day he accepted the race challenge on the street without his collar… and he got caught by the dog pound. Without knowing how, he woke up in North Carolina where he began an adventure that would take him to meet great friends in New York. What great ploy will they make for Tibiri to return home?”

On first draft, Tibiri, who is “very adorable and fun to write about,” Rey said, was the only pet included in the story, but her godfather suggested changing the other characters in the books to the dogs and cats from throughout their lives as a way to honor and remember them.

Rey has developed her playwriting skills in CSD for a number of years and because of that, “the writing process kind of came naturally for me when writing the play,” Rey said. “The book is actually written in a screenplay format, so not much in particular had to be done to change the format from when I originally wrote it.”

A native of Miami Beach, Fla., Rey is working on a new play, some of which she has drafted on napkins because inspiration struck during dinner. While being careful not to give away too much of the plot, Rey did reveal her new work “will deal with figuring out your place in the world and how mental illness impacts the creative process and how society frames that.”

Her previous plays, “Sir FiggenhobinMcRuck” and “Liberté,” she said grapple with pretty dire issues, where she believes her writing shines brightest. But “Tibiri's Adventure” “was definitely “a breath of fresh air from all the grimness of my usual plays.”