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Cedarbrook PBL Students Explore the Concept of Identity in Inaugural Exhibition

Spotlight images from PBL 7 exhibition Throughout the first marking period, Cedarbrook students participating in the project-based learning (PBL) program explored the concept of identity, asking questions about who they are and how others perceive them. These probing questions were integral to staging the school’s first PBL exhibition, which combined elements of design, building and storytelling and enabled students to share their identities with the Cheltenham community. Projects were completed under the direction of teachers Deb DiBattista, Isaac Stanford, Krystyn Sanborn, Omar Rose and Erin Gilbert.

The exhibition started with a student-led opening ceremony, followed by a showcase in which the students shared the four projects they created. Each project-based learning student participated in each of the projects.

The students are doing some amazing work, thinking deeply and creatively,” said Cedarbrook Principal Marcy Hockfield. “The exhibition gave everyone a chance to shine and show what they have learned. The students spoke with such passion and interest about their projects.”

The students were introduced to the project with a visit from South Sudanese refugee Nyamal Tutdeal, who works with the Penn Museum and shared her story of identity with students. The exhibition included student work from four distinct projects:

The Logo Project (Omar Rose)

With the help of the VIA Institute, a global leader in the science and practice of positive psychology and character, students determined their character strengths. Using their top traits, they developed logos to brand and represent themselves.

The Story Map (Isaac Stanford)

Students researched and described the identity of a special location and their connection to it. After learning web design principles and geographic information system (GIS) software, the students conducted research on their locations and created an interactive story map website.

The Cell Project (Deb DiBattista)

Students learned about specialized cells and the organization of organelles within those cells. To bring their understanding to a higher level, the students were challenged to compare a landmark to a cell. They identified the parts of the landmark aligned to the organelles based on their function. By connecting the microscope world to the macroscopic world, students were able to understand how organization leads to functionality.

The Label Paper (Kristyn Sanborn)

Students viewed and discussed Chimamanda Adichie’s 2009 TED Talk, “The Danger of a Single Story.” Through self reflection and experience-based informational writing, students developed strong viewpoints on ways in which they felt stereotyped. Students combined the power of their words with powerful images as a way to educate others and shatter the single story.

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