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Cheltenham School District Foundation Awards Innovation Grants

CSDF 2018 Award Winners The Cheltenham School District Foundation awarded 24 grants totaling nearly $25,000 to 27 Cheltenham educators at this year’s school-opening festivities. The individual grants ranged from $1,500 to $100. Grant ideas included funding requests for creating classroom mindfulness spaces, an outdoor classroom, hydroponics, mentorship, Lego robotics and more. The Foundation is proud of its multi-faceted grant initiative that provides diverse support to programs, integrating and supplementing the regular instructional programs of the Cheltenham School District. Many of these programs provide unique approaches to learning and pedagogy, while some are extracurricular opportunities offered to students outside of school hours. Most awards fund specialized instructional materials not included in a public school budget. Below are this year’s grantees. For information on the Foundation, visit


Michelle Przybylowski

Create, Connect, Communicate through Melodic Exploration

Cheltenham Elementary

Mimi Rubin

ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab for Myers Makerspace

Myers Elementary

Rebekah Taboada

Give Me a Break! Promoting Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Skills in the Classroom

Cheltenham Elementary

Maria Hobson

There's No Place Like Om -- Creating a Classroom Mindfulness Space

Wyncote Elementary

Erin Hennessey

Kristin Krause

Wyncote First Lego League Robotics Team

Wyncote Elementary

Karen Shaffran

Outdoor Classroom at Cedarbrook

Cedarbrook Middle School

Helen Ward, John Patton

Jessica Hoffman, Alexandra English

Second Grade Serenity Spaces

Glenside Elementary

Candy Manning

Start Up Funds for a student-run graphic Arts In House Printing Business


Kate Moraitis

Stars and Strengths

Myers Elementary

Debi Dibattista

Helping through Hydroponics

Cedarbrook Middle School

Erin Gilbert

Furthering Creative Possibilities through PBL

Cedarbrook MIddle School

Katie Starke

Student Mindfulness Club


Alicia Maiorano

Mentorship Program


Lyndie Dubbs

RenaiCYCling: An Upcycling Initiative


Jeffrey Hopkins

Rocketing into STEM: Using Model Rockets to Learn STEM Principles

Cedarbrook Middle School

Jenny Hutton

Mask Making Activity During New Orleans Music Performance Tour


Matt Berntsen

Guitars for CHS


Karen Kleinerman

TI-Innovator Technology with the TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator


Margaret McKay

Creating Classroom Community through D.R.U.M. (Discipline, Respect, and Unity through Music)

Elkins Park School

Mike Kwas

PBL Documentation


Johanna Cella

PBL Documentation


Daniel Reitz

Michael Brecker Arrangement for Jazz Big Band and Strings


Isaac Stanford

Brazil Day

Cedarbrook Middle School

Cindy Goldberg

Chimes in Cheltenham

District wide