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6ABC Visits Glenside Elementary

On Tuesday, Aug. 28, 6abc Action News personality Karen Rogers and her cameraman paid a visit to Glenside Elementary School to interview students about what was on their minds as the school year began. Rogers visited Sarah DeMaria's first-grade class and Helen Ward's second-grade class and interviewed students two at a time about who was their favorite teacher, what was the best part of school and how their summers were, among others. The students represented Glenside well, answering thoughtfully and with humor. In Misty Wagner's third-grade class, Rogers gathered the children and asked them to perform "Glenside" and "Good morning" cheers. When Rogers reached Stacy Epstein's fourth grade class, she noticed a student wearing a "Floss is Boss" t-shirt and so joined the classroom in performing the dance made famous by the video Fortnight.

"The kids were great," Rogers said on her way out of the building.

The videos of the students are expected to start running Tuesday, Sept. 4 as intro and outro segments on the 6abc morning broadcast from 4:30 - 7 throughout the "back-to-school" season. The videos could also run as promotional pieces which could air during commercial breaks at any point in the day.