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Fifth Graders Create Fictional Bakeries in “The Bakery Project”

students wearing chef hats(May 15, 2024) Elkins Park students in Lauren Abrams and Taylore Tamburini’s classes were treated to a taste of “The Bakery Project,” developed by staff at the administration building to align with the deeper learning initiative in the strategic plan. “The Bakery Project” was created with math standards in unit two of fifth grade as a backbone for the project-based learning experience. 

Students were divided into small groups where they collaborated to discover commonalities among the group. With those commonalities in mind, students created a logo in Canva to represent their group’s bakery theme. They designed blueprints of their bakery while considering the functionality of the space. 

Their next task was to break down the cost of each ingredient for their goods to determine selling price and profit margins of their product. Then they took predetermined recipes to quantify the amount of product they need to order and the serving size of each good using math skills like fractions, multiplication and division. Finally, each group took “orders” from their peers to troubleshoot their prices and thus their profit from each sale. 

The Portrait of a Graduate goal of the strategic plan aims to create deeper learning initiatives for students to prepare them for the ever changing job market that awaits them after graduation. Deeper learning develops a student’s ability to think critically and solve problems through collaboration, communication, creativity and self direction.

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