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CHS Chamber Orchestra Presents “An Evening of Chamber Music”

violinists(March 11, 2024) With 11 numbers by an array of musicians, the Cheltenham High School Chamber Orchestra gave a breathtaking performance in the Little Theatre this past Wednesday. 

The night opened with “Quintet Threat” performed by Stephen Kerrin, Anastasia Owens, Maya Simmons on snare & kick; and Elliot Lemisch-Moretsky, Christian McNeill, Zoe Olson, Christopher Stephens, J’Nyah Ward on tom. 

Next, violinists Joshua Levitt, Morohkaut Thach, Chloe Harris and Elizabeth Stryker and bassists Joey Diaz and Maram Kennerly performed “The Black Sea,” followed by “Danse Macabre” with Bianca Forrester, Sadie Gallagher and Vivian Greene on flute, Samira Kennerly on bass clarinet and Matthew Berntsen on bassoon. 

Violists Christopher Brutschea II, Griffin O’Connor, Samir Brinkley, Sam Batiancila continued with “Concerto No. 2 in G Major,” followed by a performance of “O Canto do Cisne Negro” with Theo Maher on piano. 

The first act of the show finished with a rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” performed by Matthew Grassi, Jack Milly and Christian Roesser on trumpet; Jordan Norward on euphonium; Christopher Abraham and Jordan Brown on trombone; and Kurt Scheuerman on tuba.

The second act opened with “String Quartet No. 4, D 46, III. Menuetto,'' with Jeffery Yen and Thomas Lakatos on violin; Ciro Annunziata on viola; and Leo Kuntzmann on cello.

“Rondo Alla Turca” followed with Klara Hartwell and DeMario Dela Cruz on flute; Rafael Lazrow and Aria Olden on clarinet; and Matthew Berntsen on bassoon. Violinists Cina Ha and Surrenity Mannon and violist Joanna Gbemiye-Etta performed “Mañana (Is Soon Enough for Me).” 

The concert closed with a rendition of “String Quartet No. 4, op. 44 No. 2, I. Allegro Assai” performed by violinists Judah Blitstein and Matthew Hoy; violist Adora Abdul; and cellist William Edgar.